Our staff gathered significant experience and knowledge on all aspects of the Environmental Law during the years of practice devoted to PRO BONO projects and initiatives related to protection of Bulgarian and European nature and wildlife. From the national law requirements, through the EU environmental legislation and the Kyoto Protocol rules on CO2 trade, our legal team proved to be among the leading in the country.

We have been successfully involved in numerous environmental projects at the Black Sea coast and Bulgarian mountains in providing due diligence analysis of compliance of infrastructure development, energy and tourism projects with the statutory provisions and the best practices in the field.

At present, O&P Law provides on-going advice to the companies, leading the new trend of Green Business evolution in Bulgaria – from organic food production, through organic products trade to consulting of certifying authorities.

Our expertise in the waste management sector was gained during periods of significant legislative changes, which led to entire change in the business environment. In view of the legislative instability and inconsistency in this area, timely and adequate legal advise is the sole effective guarantee for stability of waste managing companies. Our experience includes legal assistance regarding establishing and closing of waste-processing plants and of regional depots for waste utilization and recycling. The successful operation of any given enterprise within this sector can only be secured by in-depth knowledge of EU regulatory frame.