Managing a modern industrial enterprise includes, among other things, timely and adequate solving of any legal issues that may arise. O&P Law Firm offers constant legal support to high- and middle level management staff of production facilities, factories, agricultural companies:

  • assistance regarding the procedures for issuance of all kinds of licenses and authorizations needed for their proper and legal functioning;
  • assistance regarding procedures of proving compliance with quality, origin, safety, etc. requirements;
  • complete handling of employment law topics and cases, including dispute mediation with trade unions;
  • compliance with regulatory requirements for labour safety;
  • social security and tax law advise and tax representation;
  • drafting commercial contacts and representation during commercial negotiations and within Client’s relations with his suppliers.

Energy Law is an area, where detailed knowledge of applicable rules and regulations affecting the energy sector needs to be allied to an acute understanding of the commercial challenges and possible Client’s economical benefits. Our lawyers provide advise on legal aspects of the exploitation of both traditional and renewable energy resources, transmission and supply of energy. The legal counseling covers also licensing procedures of green energy projects, trading and supply of electrical energy, as well as environmental aspects of energy resources projects.