Contracts, Contracts, Contracts - a presentation on MusicPRO vol. 2

A presentation by Svilen Ovcharov, lawyer at  'Ovcharov & Parushev', concerning all contracts to be signed by an artist, as for concerts, festivals, management, booking, recording, publishing, etc. is to be held on 22 September 2013, 15:30 in the Inter Expo Centre

The presentation is part of the international conference  MusicPRO vol. 2 which is by itself part of the ON! Fest in 2013 at the Inter Expo Centre, hosting dense variety of events related to the professional show-business. The MusicPRO programme and the ON! Festival schedule could be found here:

A video recording of a previous presentation at the last-years MusicPRO vol. 1 could be watched on YouTube through the following link (in Bulgarian, slides in English):

Using simple language and even slang, the lawyer explained the the basic principles of the show-biseness form the point-of-view of the debut musician's at the beginning of his/her career. 

Now, at the second MusicPRO in 2013, Svilen Ovcharov will enter deeper waters by discussing several topics related to further development of a professional career in music business. Explaining the proper terminology and using professional language, many legal details and trick in the business should be revealed, as well as some usual problems in contracting to be paid attention for. 


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MusicPRO flyer