skill sharing @ betahaus: Copyrights with Svilen Ovcharov

A lawyer of 'Ovcharov & Parushev' was presenter in yet another presentation on copyrights and intellectual property issues, this time targeted at freelance professionals and start-ups in the areas of design, advertisement, IT & software. This time it was hosted by the betahaus co-working centre, famous for providing workspace and hosting events for freelancers and start-ups. 

The presentation was held on 1st of October 2013 in betahaus at 56-58 Krum Popov str. in Sofia. See the invitation by the organisers: 

It is time for the October skill-sharing in betahaus. As we promised last year the events should be twice monthly, now we have the ambition the events of each month to have topics complimentary to each other. Thus for October we prepared two skill-sharing events sharing supplementing copyrights topics. 
The first will be held on 1st of October and our guest - lecturer will be well known - Svilen Ovcharov, a lawyer with rich experience in areas as intellectual property, environmental law and media. As expected by his professional background, Svilen Ovcharov will reveal some legal views on use of intellectual property by third-parties. 
The event is open and free: