We determine ourselves as one of the leaders in the field of copyright and trademark protection in Bulgaria. Our long track record in the IP area, like years of work with authors, performing artists, producers, delegated right holders, trademark and patent owners, etc., gave us in depth experience, needed for entire and complete protection of IP rights from the very moment of their concession (e.g. creation of movie screenplay) to the stage when, if needed, the IP rights ought to be defended before court of law.

We provide legal advise to software production sector as well as to show business industry (music, film and tv production).

Some of the milestone court cases, historical for establishing of the IP law in Bulgaria have been won by clients, represented and advised by us. Among our successful court cases are litigations against major Bulgarian corporations and media, who had violated certain copyrights.

Part of our team is a licensed full time Intellectual property representative, legally authorized to represent our clients before Bulgarian patent office, EU trademark authorities (OHIM) and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).